Prison psychologist: "Let's play Rorschach Roulette. I'll start, Beekeeper. Prisoner #39451: "Um... Burka?" The prison psychologist gulped. "Uh, ok what about this ink blot?" The prisoner said, "Looks like a 5 year old's liver. If it was diced." The Prison Psychologist saw the exact same image in the ink blot & gulped again. "OK, one more try," thought the Prison Psychologist & he placed a photo of his own wife in front of the prisoner. "Ohhhh...that's the lady I saw in my dream! But she was just blots of black and color. Somehow I just knew it was her!" Dan was disturbed by this. That was his wife the prisoner was talking about. He thought to trick him into saying anything, anything at all, that would definitively suggest any other woman than his strumpet of a wife was the subject of the prisoner's extended oratory. But no, the prisoner's lewd boasting had to be about his strumpet wife. Who else was married to someone with four hooves? He held the prison pillow over his head and sobbed. Later he held that same pillow over the prison guard's face long enough to make him pass out. He then trotted as quietly as possible to the uniform closet, where he put on two pairs of undies and a sports bra, then went back to his cell and cuddled with the prison guard, who was coming around. "What the hell?!!!" "Just letting you know I'm not into hanky panky." The guard stared at him. "Well, if you want a bit of spanky spanky, I could go for that," he elaborated. This only served to further the guard's confusion. The guard voiced his confusion with a classic, "Huh?". Before turning around and walking in the opposite direction. He could hide emotions but intense arousal was not one of them.



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Hmm, I own up to some responsibility for spanky spanky,
having started this story.

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I keep tripping up when reading the first sentence. I keep seeing it as Psion Psychologist. I keep perking up wondering how that plays out. But then I read it again and realize it is Prison Psychologist.

I’m just saying.

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@LordVacuity, it wasn’t me (that I know of).

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