If lettuce is so slimming, how come there are fat rabbits? "I'm not fat; I'm fluffy," stated Peter to his peers. His mum had always told him he had big bones and a large frame even for an Angora. He ate his greens like a good bun -ny and was quick to wipe Cheetos crumbs from his Fufu Manchu. Still, Peter Cottontail raised the bar for diabetes to "frequently crapping Cadbury Cremes." Some human egg poachers live in China. They will eat the birth sack. This is why Peter Cottontail never went to China. However, he did spend a week in Thailand which was the worst and best trip of his lif -e in that the culture was charming but he almost wound up served on a bed of drunken noodles. (Few people realize that Mr. McGregor was actually Thai.) When Peter returned to First Principles, he met with some success. What had just almost happened between him and Mr. McGregor could not ever happen again. He had seen enough of the world to keep him busy writing his filthy memoirs for years to come. He knew with "Fifty Shades of Grey" being a movie now, he had to filth them up. He wrote a different body part every seven words, and it ended up as an autopsy than the intended result, but it's filthy nonetheless! It ended up being sold as an educational film to young medical students which made him filthy rich. Ah, life was very good for a few years. Until one day... Kim Jon Un found him, finally, his face dangerously serene. "You sold out." he said (in Korean). "And now you must pay." "Hahah. You guys with your threats and counter-threats. May I offer you a nice banquet before your swift demise?" They considered Kim Yo Jong's courteous yet ruthless offer.



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Yes, I believe he served Peter Rabbit on a bed of drunken noodles with poison sauce.

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I had seen that as Poussin and thought to my less despicable third, “Et ego in Arcadia?”

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