In those days, people texted while walking, while driving, while riding. They looked at their hands but did not wake from the dream. The missed the night the sky was decorated with glow in the dark star stickers. It had taken some years to decorate the whole sky. The UN hired the artist formally known as Artist to construct the stickers in constellations of B-celebrities starting in 1982 to the present. The Secretary of the UN thought that the map of mediocrity would engender world peace because leaders like Prime Minister Majandu and his counterparts played chess. They were world champions and knew the globalist stage was huge so multiple chess games could be scheduled. Multiple chess games were scheduled & they played for four years! Amazing! But Majandu & his counterpart Udnajam were no match for Deep Chicken Foot a supercomputer developed in association with the Rebels Crooning for Loon or Duck, Cyborg Division. When Majandu and Udnajam realized how outmatched they were they commited suicide by holding hands. The wormh -ole engulfed them immediately, but instead of taking them to The Land of Death, it dropped Majandu and Udnajam off at a Cracker Barrel restaurant off of Route 66 near the border of sanity and .. insanity. Majandu and Udnajam were confused by this and even by the standards of Silicon Valley, the details of this were jaw-dropping. Fellow Cracker Barrel folk gathered together to discuss matters (over apple dumplings &coffee, of course) & decided to take action. 2days later Majandu & Udnajam sat at the table with the Cracker Barrel Gang cracking barrels over light gossip. Thus, Majandu and Udnajam got their revenge by assassinating the characters of their nemeses through salacious whispered aspersions.



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