why am i here The bar came down across my chest. I don't remember getting onto this ride. "Keep hands inside at all times, enjoy your experience." The Grim Reaper pulled the lever. "OFF!" I screamed immediately."I want off this ride NOW!" "Too late, friend," The Grim Reaper chucked his chin at me & we plunged into the dark abyss.Laughing, tortured clown faces of various actors who played the Joker on the big screen & were now burning in hell for their misdeeds. "But it wasn't real!" I cried as Death & I descended further, bitch slapping the soul of Jim Nabors as it ascends to heaven. "Gol-ly!" it cheerfully exclaims as it rises into the land of milk and graham crackers. Death laughs as he drags me further down . "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" It's all I hear as the darkness enfolds itself around me. Death smiles. I cower. I want to go back to the sunny side, even if I do have to listen to a long-winded power point presentation about the influence of unhealthy lifestyle choices on bowel, kidney & heart function.The last slide reads The End (your end). Death smiles As its scythe is magically presented and starts digging a hole. Death asks you to go ahead and have that mincemeat pie. So you sit down, and cut a slice of pie for yourself. You take a bite, aware Death is anxiously watching your reaction. You smile. "Thanks." Right away, you know it has way too much ash in it but you finish it anyway. "Mmmm, that was good. Can I have a piece to take home," you say and Death lets you go home with pie.



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Pie or Death. A variant of Cake or Death. http://foldingstory.com/o7p7s/1a8mde/

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... or maybe it was pie AND death!

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I never expected the story to be like this. Wow, thanks everybody for the folds!

4 SlimWhitman's photo

Yeah, thanks Chaz for a great continuation!

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