"Alrighty, let's get started, shall we? This seminar is 'How to Live Forever.' First things first, (and I want to underscore the importance of this, people), don't die. Second, please additionally do your darndest not to perish, expire, decease or croak. Third, bucket kicking & farm buying are expressly prohibited. "This Live Forever seminar is lame bro". said Alphonse. "Shhh..." There getting to the important part!" said Hedgewig. He'd paid his 99.95 for the Methusulah seminar up front and wanted to avoid feeding the worm farm for another 500 years or so, but the strutting and blabbing of the Methuselah speakers left Hedgewig feeling unconvinced, and 99.95 poorer. His friend Alphonse said, "Come on, I Smell opportunity here. Let's open door 1!" So they did and there was the elephant they knew so well. Otto remembered them too. They had some food in their rucksacks. Otto smiled. Then Otto the Elephant slammed them all aside with the full weight of his trunk. Otto remembered them promising to write & keep in touch. Otto let them have it all. Then he walked over to his bag of peanuts when terror struck his heart. In the sack was a mouse. It reminded him of his rehab days, and before Otto the Elephant knew it, he snorted the mouse up. The mouse traveled up Otto the elephant's sinus cavity, and into his brain, where it played upon his Occipital lobe like it was a xylophone. Otto heard the music, and began to dance; he realized the mouse was playing Elephant Walk on his Occipital Lobe, & his dance turned into a Jungle Boogie. The ground quaked, as Otto sneezed the mouse out of his trunk when it started playing Jive Talking on his hippocampus. Otto felt sorry to instantly & ran to check on the mouse. But the mouse was gone. Otto never danced again.



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Heartbreaking. Brain breaking. Break dancing.

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