Vaughn died tonight in his final go-kart crash. Distracted by the sinister eyes of Trump peering out from the massive billboard looming above the track, he pressed the accelerator to get away from the bewigged demon following him with those dead eyes on the billboard. Trump, you fool, you'll get us all killed if the idiots vote for you, then he crashed into barrier. Wincing in pain and filled with regret, he muttered the words, "If only I wore my shoes..." before breathing his last. The clowns wandered up to the scene of the crash , honking their horns and smashing their whoopie cushions. One of them pretended to slip in the blood and humorously fell into the grisly carnage. Finally, they all took a deep whiff of each other's rainbow wigs and fell dizzily on the floor. The Disco Clown Convention had come to an end just as soon as it started. No one made it out alive. No one, but Little Trotsky, the Varsovian mime. He survived by playing dead with a fake rope around his neck, his body camouflaged by the black and white tapestry hanging from the walls. Having recently participated in a biomedical conference, Little Trotsky knew what his newly-acquired chameleon body was capable of. He was in no hurry. His prey could wait a few more seconds before he moved in for the kill. Little Trotsky gazed down the length of his lizard self, admiring how well he had blended in with his surroundings. At that moment, he sneezed and fell from his hiding place. Little Trostky froze in place, as a dark and brooding figure stepped out of the shadows. "Bless you..." he whispered menacingly. It advanced on Trotsky then halted. “Don’t I know you from the Revolution?” Trotsky thought: Should I lie? It wasn’t me; he means Dad! “Yes, comrade!” They walked away, arm in arm.



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From Go-Kart crash to Disco Clown Suicide Convention, to chameleon doctor, to war reunion.  I love it. :)

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Very Folding.

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