He was a distinguished gentleman, sophisticated and debonair. So when his wife named their firstborn son "Porgy," he wanted to strangle her. Porgy LeMonde grew up to become a a song and dance man in New York's speakeasys. Porgy LeMonde was a man for the flappers and ragtime. His father was disappointed, but then the stock market crasheed. Porgy's father knocked on the speak easy door. The hatch slid open. A bearded mouth said, "Who's there?" Porgy's dad said, "Don't cry for me Argentina..." "Just cry for the circus that the manager, who was sleeping with Porgy, managed until now." He grinned as a drop of clear blood dripped from the edge of his Crimpled upper lip, protected by an earring. The earring kept his crimpled upper limp from sagging. Picasso's owners Meg & Skeet also had lip rings & this made Picasso feel like he belonged to the pack. They caught the eye of a trio of blind witch sisters who had dropped the eye during a spat in the Garden of Perpetual Sorrow. They each took turns using the eye but the eldest, Prunella, was on a path of Clumsy Humours and dropped the witch sisters' only eye on the path, where it rolled off under a tilted rhododendron. "Don't you roll your eyes at me," said a frog, who lived under the rhododendron, I'll kiss you and turn you into Prince...no wait that's not right. I'll pee on you and you'll get tarts! No, that isn't it either. Just get away from me yelled flowery fellow. "That's right, get away or I might go off!" The traveler heeded this warning and rediscovered the path. Maybe 'tis better to stay where one's planted.



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I want to know more about Porgy LeMonde.

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In my story, Prunella was on a path of self-discovery which included a lot of selfishness which entailed of not sharing the eye when it was no longer her turn with it.

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