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The end has me rethinking the Tooth Fairy episode.

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So now Tic Tacs are candy to flaunted around like Good N Plentys.

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Sugar Daddies are a candy. Hey, what gives here? What is with all the candies?

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Oh, yeah, it was the Tooth Fairy that would profit.

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Follow the money…

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I wonder if the bored socialite was The Gas-Masked Socialite.

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Nah, why a dandy with candy The the GMS can snap her finger and countless hobos will be at her beach and call.

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“We’re here”

“Where? On my beach?”

“Yeah, even Kelten Stijlisson. Give us a toot Kelten. Nevermind, maybe next time.”

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“What do you mean nevermind? Are you leaving my beach? Why are leaving my beach?”

“We were only tasked with coming to your beach and calling. We’re here, we called, we’re done.”

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But that isn’t the Gas Masked Socialite you are talking to so hold back on some of that gumption. There is always tomorrow for a hanging but the pot stews best when simmering something spicy.

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