"I don't mind you coming here and wasting all my time. I don't mind you hanging out and talking in your sleep. I guess you're just what I needed." And then Larry Bunkporter crumpled up his "speech" and tossed it over his shoulder. It bounced on the wreath and went into the casket. "Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet with powdered sugar and a little taste of lemon." The crowd cheered in wild admiration at Larry's words. Larry was a legend. One time, he gave a speech on cold lemons. His wisdom w heel would turn and turn as he lectured on lemon drops, lemonade, lemon Pledge. But the wisdom wheel had a downside: the occasional audience member would have a seizure due to The odour of lemons, so he had to talk about other fruits and vegetables after an hour. This was a strict rule. Det. Manatee was in the audience, so he did CPR on the man who FOLDED the World. The Man who Folded The World kept telling Det. Manatee that he didn't need CPR and would he please remove fishy tongue from his mouth. Det. Manatee visibly gave a sigh of resignation and removed his salty lips from those of The Man Who Folded the World. "It's just that I get so lonely," Det. Manatee told him, "since we began to go extinct the very minute we stepped off the boat.” The Man Who Folded the World informed Det. Manatee that he enjoyed the kiss in a symbiotically platonic way. Det. Manatee grew aroused. In anger. Detective Manatee was so aroused with anger it affected his normally taciturn manner and in uncharacteristic fashion he hit the Man Who Folded the world with his steel roast pan, denting both it & the Man Who Folded the World’s head. Manatee shook anger off, regaining his senses. His victim? Not as lucky. He became the Man Who Drooled the World.



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Moral End’s line is one of the many reasons he has over 30,000 likes on his folds.

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