Hrengor the Beholder floated above his meditation mat, his tentacles in some vague mudra, the Cosmic Light blossoming within. His wife, Betty Bounteous, had mixed feelings about Hrengor's progress towards enlightenment. Betty wanted the best for her husband but she feared abandonment. She began to subtly sabotage Hrengor's daily meditations. Initially, she'd cough when he attempted the Downward Smålandsstovare pose. Later Betty was sophisticated & passive-aggresive, making comments when Hrengor put on his sheepskin leotard like " Heino in Heino's Hiney", Betty interjected. That stopped all conversation as people tried to work that out. She didn't want the site of Hrengor the Beholder in a sheepskin leotard becoming a pilgrimage site. It was bad enough that she had to behold Hrengor the Beholder in his sheepskin leotard but the idea that his fans would travel to the site filled her wi th such potent rage that she found herself digging her fingernails into her palms. The anger filled her body, tensing her muscles and sending her heart racing. Hrengor was in for -ensic science class, little knowing that he soon would become a case study. Waiting behind his door, she trembled all over as she waited for Hrengor to come home for lunch. He burst through the door, unsuspecting. "I'm -- " She sledgehammered him in mid-sentence, but before he keeled over dead, he turned & saw her. She dragged his body to the lab. Placing his corpse beneath the electro-transmitter, she yelled:"E-gore, do it now!" E-gore looked up from his comic book & hit a switch. The "thing" came to life & began to wail. IT'S ALIVE!! IT'S... no wait, hold on. E-gore? What's our wifi password? Get bent? I'll try that but, oh I get it, haha, really funny. E-gore rules? All one word? Great. Loading...



1 SlimWhitman's photo

IceSquad & Chaz,
(E-gore & Doc Frank)
you guys crack me up.

2 IceSquad's photo

Laugh, dudes, it’s good for us!

& it’s mutual, Slim.

3 SlimWhitman's photo

So the mystery is how Hrengor reappeared after my fold:
does everyone know the Downward Smålandsstovare is his trademark move?

4 SlimWhitman's photo

Duh, maybe I should learn to read my own folds?

5 BlastedHeath's photo

Maybe Hrengor rolled a natural 20 to hide in your blind spot. ;-)

6 SlimWhitman's photo

Blind spots: I have more than one and Hrengor’s too big to hide in just one.

7 BlastedHeath's photo

Dear Slim, you inspire me nonetheless:

8 49erFaithful's photo

I like Woab’s twist!

9 BlastedHeath's photo

Woab does write plenty of good ones, and I do owe Woab and everyone an apology, not in the sense of an explanation but just to say I’m sorry for choosing to take offense at something she wrote a little while ago.

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