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Woab - Your humor never fails me; it jiggles my jello and rarely fails to get a couple of Knarf, Knarfs! out of Pinky.

Dhanthecat - Eeep! (I guess I should have expected rodent mayhem from a cat, Knarf!)

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Likewise, Pinky, my little friend.

3 SlimWhitman's photo

Whoa, the return of the maltese Flacon!
A surprising piece of nostalgia from Shabadu666 !
I wonder if the manatese master detective knows about this?

4 LordVacuity's photo

What is it with this sudden fondness for arsenic?

5 Shabadu666's photo

I added my line the day the last one ended, I think.

6 pinky's photo

Arsenic is the popular cut for lint.

......heh, heh.

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