The big day was here. My parents were driving and I was in the backseat. I was listening to my favorite band on the radio trying to stay calm before the big concert. I was going to see The Beatles in concert. It was 1964, and we were going to see them in Chicago. All of a sudden, the car went bump, bump. The tire exploded. A van stopped, two men got out. John and Paul were there, they helped us change the tire. They then drove off leaving us stranded on the highway. Not only that, Rodney was in the back of the van John & Paut drove off with tied up in a burlap sack. This practical joke was turning highly impractical. I checked my pockets: some lint, a hair tie, a receipt for Wendy's. "Think!" I said. "How can we use these to get back to safety and find Rodney again?" "What kind of lint? Is there any hair still on the tie? Where is that Wendy's and what time were we there. That is assuming we and Rodney were still together then? Does it say how to set the timer on the microwave?" It seemed like somewhat rechereche set of questions, and in a way it was. Any yet there was a clear through-thread of logic. If only I could deduce it. Instead, I just jammed down on all the buttons on the microwave at once in a fit of desperation. It sputtered and sparked, and the contents flashed at it spun wildly on my dog's ass. It was very hot and he got burned. Later that day I took him to the vet to treat his burns. Thankfully, everything was ok. That's how I met your mom. You see, kids, my dog's charred bum made for the choicest rump steak ever. Me & the vet had it on our first date..& every anniversary since. Now tuck in!



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Haha wow, I’ve been neglecting this site for too long, how I’ve missed it <3 Great finish IceSquad :L :L

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Great ta see ya, Bachtopus!

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Oh man IceSquad, your fold, the situation just keeps getting worse with every word. LOLed

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