Young teacher, the subject of school girls' fantasies.But these girls were half his age, yet they knew twice as much. He tried to teach them calculus.They taught him other lessons. Like world domination. He was completely surprised at how much plotting and planning the girls had done over the last semester. He was a mathematician, not a dictator. He could blame the cocaine for making him agree to join in their little fiasco, but he didn't realize how serious they were. Two insane(ly hot) young ladies planning to get a par of their money appeared at the doorstep. His eyes started to sparkle as he was looking at them, as he was checking out their young bodies. And he decided to invite them inside, so he could get a better look. As his eyes lingered on every young body standing there, he was struck blind by his own desire. "Help me! I can't see!" he called out, but instead of compassion, he was shoved to the floor, trampled upon, and kicked out into the snowy alley But, alas, being creative all the way to the end, he lurched up from the snow, brushing it from himself as he stood; he faced the frosty angry mob, raising a hand to hold them back -- "I can see you're all angry at me. If I have made some faux pas, I apologize and am willing to learn your ways." The mob of angry snowmen continued to advance upon him with raised sticks. "OMG!" he screamed:"None of you was ever hugged!" He wrapped his arms round the closest snowman, but the warmth of his embrace melted it to a snowmidget! "Grr!" oop horectomized recently, the snowlady he just hugged had adopted a child last month. Without the single mother, now the snowkid would be sent to orphanage. Great job, clingy dude.



1 TetsuwanAtom's photo

Wow. This story surprisingly makes somewhat sense in its own little world. To stretch it a bit (or maybe too much), it can be said that it’s a psychedelic frostbitten academic satire - consistent, if not perfect as a prose.

2 Woab's photo

I liked that he was struck blind in line 7, but could “see” that they were angry at him in line 9. It seems like a fun play on the idea of visual vs. mental or emotional (?) understanding of the situation.

3 Jimbeau's photo

Woab.  You are the master. The line prior to yours was very short; it was interesting but incomplete. You lifted it to a psychological level that allowed it to grow and become extremely interesting.

4 BlastedHeath's photo

Oh good grief, you craven supplicant. WOAB has no vanity to be fluffed. Her oven is afire and the blackbirds call you to the swingset in the forest.

5 Jimbeau's photo

Quell, quell, it’s true, it’s true: I’m a lily-livered suitor, too, seeking narcissistic praise, and here upon malaise, I do wallow in the haze; quote the raven, “A swing set you back, ”  So, I take my leave to the forest of Black.

6 Woab's photo

Heck, positive reinforcement always helps. Thank you!

7 BlastedHeath's photo

psst—that was a good coninuation, Woab ;-)

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