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Well, that was completely unexpected ending, considering the sombre beginning. With the Charlie & the Chocolate factory inference thrown in like a firecracker, we end up with cow patties all over the place and a “moo” start.

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I first ran across the 1st fold that brings up the Oompa Loompas around the same time that I added to a different Oompa Loompa story. This bit might have informed or influenced my fold there. I’m not sure.

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Since I come to this from the exquisite corpse aspects of FoldingStory, I have a different view of things than those who lean more into the Telephone aspects.

Ideally in an exquisite corpse, you don’t know where your bit fits in until the whole story is deemed finished. You also don’t get to pick your story. So that means there isn’t a list of open stories informing what you might play on whatever story you get.

I’ve often picked up a story on FoldingStory thinking it is part of a story I saw in the Add list. So, I try to remember what that had said coupled with the line I inherited. That way the story remains more cohesive. A lot of times it wasn’t the same story and I’ve derailed another story.

I’m just saying.

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I’m bad at keeping track, like that. I just reacted to FYI’s typo of leaving the “and” out of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

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