As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into Joseph Stalin. He raised his puffy hands and touched his mustache. Gregor Samsa pondered, "How did I become Stalin?" There was rap on the door. Russian: "FDR and Churchill are waiting, Comrade!" As he opened the door the man looked suspicious, his left eye twitching. "Is everything alright soldier?" Gregor Samsa asked, peering round the corner. Suddenly, the russian leapt to attention & saluted the Corporal Samsa. "Yes Sir. Just bringing your morning rations, Sir." Give me that, dismissed" Samsa grasped the plate of dung with his pincers devouring the smelly substance in seconds. "But what of my sister?" thought Corporal Samsa. "Does she not miss my kindness?" His commanding officers were to put him on the front lines and there would be no toleration of fond memories of carapace breaking sibling play, with or without apples. The Maginot Line was no place for such sentimentality. Cpl. Samsa needed to Find his son Gregor and give him a roach motel that had an indoor garden. There the two of them could permanently live and escape the Terminix Man. They had three days to create a -n origami five-star hotel out of cardboard with enough food stockpiled to last them the rest of their roach lives. Sure they had won, they checked in with no plan to check out. The trouble with origami hotels is that they attract origami roaches. The hotel was soon overrun, and the real roaches had to decide how to deal with this infestation. They knew when to hold 'em & when to fold 'em. And this time, it would be death by fire. The roaches lit a single match & within minutes, it was over. Roaches live on!!



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Were married matches even considered?

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Futique: Well, there wasn’t a matchmaker around.

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