"What would you do if you could, somehow, reset all of this?" A quiet voice asked, and I jumped slightly from the sudden question. "What would you do different?" What would I do different? I looked at where I was and how. I treasured each regret for what it was, me trying. "I wouldn't change a thing." The voice never asked me again. I might Commit suicide. (DING-dong!) Oh wait! My pizza's here. But when I opened the door, it wasn't the delivery guy. No one was there. There was just this little square box with my name on it. Huh. Weird. I picked up the box and examined it. It was weirdly heavy. I looked around the porch but not even a silhouette in sight. Eh. I went back to my room and opened the box. Inside was what looked to be a collectors edition jack in the box. The box seemed to be made of a kind of burnt leather. I turn the handle slowly, the familiar song pierces the air eerily, and then POP! The lid of the leather jack-in-the-box flies open and out shoot seventeen harpies. Their claws tear at my hair and clothes. And then a hideous clown rises from the remains of the fridge. Its covered in mayo, marmite and mustard. "Who puts Marmite in the fridge," I wondered idly, whilst battling the hideous clown. It licked its belt buckle, which unlocked the portal to east Transylvania, which was conveniently nearby. Naturally I made a a big gracious swan dive into the portal and came out high in the air right above a pointy spire on Count Dracula's castle. Just before I would be impaled, a bat swooped in and grabbed me. "Welcome back" he smirked. I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, dad."



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