When I woke up, I was covered with goosebumps. The feeling was there, constant, but I couldn't remember how it happened. I was asleep when it started. After half a minute, it sta rted to rain outside. The memories of what I had felt rolled around and around in my head, refusing to silence themselves. As I tossed and turned, I failed to see the water flowing But flow it did, & practically drowned the entire carnival outside the tent. "I hate this lifestyle," I said to the clown who simply refused to leave. He smiled silently of course as miming was his main shtick. Splashing the flood water onto his white face, I stomped away through the waist deep water, collecting plushies from around the carnival stands, dis -heveled and completely out of my mind from cotton candy and my deep hatred of mimes and high water. Thinking fast, I fashioned a raft from the plushies and rode it out to the fork where the runoff joined the River of Forgetfulness. I kept my makeshift raft to the right into the calmer waters of the Finger of Despair. I tried in vain to reach the shore. The calmer Finger of Despair was a tributary for the deep and still Estuary of Judgement, which flowed ultimately into the Great Abyss. I knew I had to get my raft to land soon or I would be stuck forever in those desolate waters. I paddled desperately, but the shoreline grew no closer. In fact, my paddle in the water didn't so much as set off a ripple. Odd. So I was paddling in waters that defied physics. Then I thought: Maybe my paddle is defective. Pulling it from the water, I saw the blade was an iPhone screen and my Aunt Edna was plastered in augmented reality game stickers. There she was, arrayed in a cocoon of AR games, and she never looked more splendiferous than she did at that point.



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Whoa, what did we eat before bed last night?

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