The crowd is not to be heard. Close your ears to their message. Close your eyes to their message. Go away from the world to not hear the din of the crowd. Hide away in the Silence. Wait. Listen now, listen carefully. Ask questions, and question the answers you are given. Everyone has a reason for what they do. Listen for that reason. Use it against them. Observe their breathing pattern, how they walk, what clothes they wear, how they hold their hands. If you imitate them precisely, you have the upperhand. However, fail to pass as one of them, and you will be torn to shreds in seconds. Luckily they have poor observation skills because of their peculiar retinas. Do not imitate this. Enjoy your near perfect eyesight while you can, for it will not always be so. Thirty or so years down the road, fewer if you're already upon the hill, more if you haven't yet seen past the hill. And if there's no hill left, well, that would certainly be something. What was I talking about? I felt we were making mountains out of molehills at this point, but there was no arguing the fact that I was, in fact, drunk. "Another bourbon & coke?" I gestured to the bartender. The bartender grabbed for a glass when all of the sudden, a large man shoved the saloon doors open. The entire saloon went silent. Drunk old me shouted "Come on over and sit down!" “Much obliged,” said the large man, sitting down. Slowly the saloon came back to life with conversation and piano playing. I ordered whiskey for us both. “So, do I know you?” he as -ked. "No. And you never WILL!" I only intended to shoot him, but instead I accidentally destroyed the known universe. Oops.



1 KieferSkunk's photo

How’s THAT for a twist? ;)

2 LordVacuity's photo

I hate when that happens.

3 TarotGuy's photo

Thanks for destroying the known universe, KieferSkunk. That’s really going to put a damper on the Caribbean cruise I was planning next week!

4 KieferSkunk's photo

It got better.

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