"Wonder what would happen if all the lights went dark" I thought to myself after finishing laps at the indoor pool. And then all the lights went dark. At the same time, a man was fixing his car. "Wonder what would happen if I hadn't found this old car", he said. And then he was lying in a strange bed with a stranger next to him. And we felt anxious because we did not know which moment we were supposed to be in? Is this the past or the future? Is this "how" he found the car or is this because he did? Then to confuse matters further we are definitely in the past when the much younger him jumps off a slow moving chuck wagon with an extra pair of boots draped aroard his neck. Both versions, past and future stare at each other, each with a feeling of disgust. "You got fat." the past said, eyeing future. "And you're naive," future scoffed. "Uh..." present started meekly. "Future, if you don't mind me asking, what happened to your arms?" "Don't need 'em anymore," replied Future, " I handle everything with my mind." Present stared at Future in disbelief. "Fat and artless," Past snarked. "Jealous?", Future smirked. "Please," said Past. "You all end up copying me eventually. I'm everyone's future." Present looked at Future. "Me?" asked Future. "Who's on first?" asked Present. The way I see it, said Future, you're both the same, you're both Past. I, on the other hand, am always unfurling, riding the wave of time. So I should go first. Present looked smug as he put his foot down in front of Future. “You know... I am technically in the future compared to past, so I say we both go first.” And with that, they left the Past behind.



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Poor Past… ;(

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Fine ending, O Fancy Turtle!

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many thanks
, yours truly
a turtle

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Wonderful closing line!

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