The baked bean murders remained unsolved for more than 30 years. But, there was hope. If only the cousins could open the tarnished and rusty can. What tools could they muster being locked in the attic? Urgency was their lifeline. Being locked in the Attic reminded them of that "Flowers in The Attic" novel. It made the cousins feel "awkward." They stared at each other until one found an old Connect Four . When they got bored with that. They explored the rest of the attic. Under one of the eaves they found a wardrobe. Lucy opened it and pushed through the fur coats. It became cool and moist, not the best environment for storing furs. The fur started to fall slowly at first but as more warm air entered the wardrobe the furs became bare skins. Not good! Mom usually looked great in any outfit, but the bare skin fur that she picked up brought her out in severe red in her lips. She looked stunning as she appeared that the top of the staircase in her fur gown. She stepped down gracefully, holding the banister, careful not to trip on her long nose hairs. She had considered trimming them, but the prince had a thing for rurality. She entered the ballroom. Guests stared, but the prince's lustful stare was all that mattered to her. All that mattered to the European starlings (nasty things, those) was free and abundant nesting materials. The prince shouted as the birds beakily gripped her nose hairs and yanked them out, coming back over and over. She tried to fight them off, but they were too numerous, and soon her precious royal nose hair was all gone and the nests were done.



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