Icy rain pelted the tin roof. Burke pulled the sheep skin rug up exposing her feet. Sure there wasn't much but it was shelter as long as it stood against the whistling wind As soon as Burke uncovered her feet, her husband ran gagging out into the icy rain & died of hypothermia.Burke didn't know her feet indirectly killed her husband as she couldn't sm ell anything- she had lost her sense of smell years ago in a nuclear power plant accident. Anyway, with her bare feet stinking like nuclear waste, everyone in the room had no sympathy for the girl with the foul smelling feet. Part of her, a large part, wished she never would have taken the job at the nuclear power plant, but then she never would met the rat of her dreams. Where others saw only his festering radioactive furless body as proof that the nuclear power plant was leaking, she saw his inner beauty, literally throu As the nuclear power plant was leaking soda, the rat was affected by it in such way that it got duper hyper. This only made the rat even more hyper, and it quickly drank all the rest of the nuclear soda. This did not much agree with it's gut, and caused it to launch into outer space. The flatulent rat soared through the stratosphere and past the stars, eventually landing on the dusty, red surface of Mars. The rat scrabbled in the dirt and burrowed beneath the surface. A flying mineral struck another. A spark. The flatulent rat punched into the martian core and was through and out, the galaxy receding like a beautifully thrown frisbee. And that, my dears, is how how the universe was created. Twas never a Big Bang, after all.



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I smell a banging big rat foot

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