The Dipsy Doodle is a new roller coaster that promises zigzag turns translating into 40 Gs of force, enough to make it feel like you’re being squashed in between 2 sheets of steel. You maintain cohesion by spreading both your body & your mind in infinite directions & frequencies within the limits of your being squashed between 2 sheets of steel. You breathe when you can and you love where you find it freely given. Yes, even while squashed between two sheets of steel you can find love. Life sustaining love. Love like Ted Dundy & Doris Bay have. Ted and Doris' love can crash commuter trains, crumble skyscrapers, and melt iron, so bending steel sheets was a piece of cake. Knowing the power of their love had made them insanely happy throughout all those year, they decided to marry each other. All was perfect until the moment Doris had to say 'yes' at the altar of the church. "No," Doris said instead. "I don't." Everyone in the church gasped. The minister's head jerked up. "Uhmmm..." Her fiance smiled. "I don't either." he replied tenderly. Keith explained, "We do love each other, but want our wedding vows to be honest and accurate." Doris added, "Further, now that you are all here, we hope to resolve the murder of Kelly Briggs, my skin consultant.” Keith gasped, “You have a skin consultant?” Doris nodded, “Had…she was executed.” “What are those pus-filled blisters on your butt?” Keith probed "Wait a minute," Keith thought, "All blisters have pus!" What was I thinking! He apologized to Doris, and they lived on, happy for a couple of hours until Keith said he fancied a quiet life in the country. Perhaps a quaint cottage with a veggie patch and some chooks out the back. Doris was a city slicker at heart, so she told Keith to rack off.



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The Dipsy Doodle is a roller coaster not unlike the relationship between Ted, Doris, and Keith.

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Maybe Theodore K. Dundy decided to start calling himself Keith because of a certain documentary.

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