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Oooh. I really like how this one turned out.

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folds 1-4 (roughly translated):
She attended to the ingredients of the lunch meal and put it on the table. At the same time, Al-Muzayyer looked at the impression of her husband, who would later be eating the meal.

Jassem: What is this, Sabika? Why is there no power? Where is the water? If you see Rim running without clothes, what will you do?

And yet Ja’assim did not care for me.

The fruits of his works were revealed deep inside the pyramid complex, revealing the golden coffin of the pharaoh. When Jassim broke the seal of the coffin

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Yeah, Woab, it’s cool how the Pharoah’s sarcophagus transforms into a capsule hotel, and he is an alien time-traveller.

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I might have thought “expression” instead, but “impression of her husband” makes him seem so much more insubstantial. ;-)

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Also, I have seen a couple of traveller’s trips to capsule hotels on YouTube. It’s fun! Sincerely, and travelling without moving, the Blasted One.

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