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OK, I would just like to once again point out the magic of FoldingStory. I had no idea at all of the Wizard of Oz storyline prior to Jerry’s fold! Great minds, SlimWhitman…?? Or have you somehow taken over my mind?

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I also like the sinister overtone of wirth_poet’s ending.

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It is interesting how the Wizard of Oz, gradually disappears along with her memories of the place, only to make a furious comeback in the last folds.
Re. great minds, I think of it as a great gestalt mind, perhaps with Wizard, and we folder’s are but Munchkins knee-deep among the peonies.

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While we’re on the subject of great minds, I’ll note It’s also interesting how Det. Manatee found his way back into the Dr. Derriere story.

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