I and my friends went to the cinema threatre when, we got there the movie was about to begin, we quickly sat down and we started munching our popcorn somebody kicked our legs .... all of them, right down the row, during the climax of Kentucky Fried Slasher 3. We all screamed. Then that creepy usher, Mr. Mukley came over & said we had to leave, but Randy put his hand deep inside the popcorn box. Randy stiffiened and said, "I ain't going anywhere Mr. Mukley." That's when someone said, "Shhhhh down front." But Randy wasn't going to shhh for no-one. "Never mess with my popcorn again, Mr Mukley!" That's when 2 usherettes manhandled him out into the street. He'd never know now if Tintin had dipped his arrow before matins or after. He was sure the timing was the key to solving his murder. If he could communicate with Tin Tin, to show him Polly's will and that he (Tin Tin) could earn a living doing this, they might shut up with their zany schemes. None of them accounted for Rin Tin Tin, who took a bite out of Nazi crime by biting Tin Tin in a thin lizzy driven by Isadora "Izzy" Duncan having a hissy fit over issues of representational art being represented to the Italian intelligentsia as inanity upon an emaciated Id. President Roosevelt shook his head. "Don't get in a tizzy, Izzy," he told Duncan, "you're far too cerebral for the American public." She adjusted her flowing scarf and stomped on his mustache, then made a dramatic exit. "Nobody," thought Izzy Duncan intensely, "calls me cerebral. Especially not the president." And then, she began to plan her revenge. The president of the company would sit on that whoopie cushion, be startled out of his chair and jump into the ceiling fan. So would his staff. Heads would roll. Revenge was sweet.



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