Chance finally offered some support. "I know what it's like to be an outsider." Jurtok flexed its spiroclasms. "Do you?! Do you really?!!" Jherelia observed from nearby yet afar. "Why is my name Chance?" They seemed to ponder this together, at least at first they did. Yet Jurtok was flighty. It had a quantum brain that could go much faster than Chance's. But Chance Bono was sad. Sad a lonely. Jurtok comforted chance with lies. "You'll get your chance, Chance, you'll see." Jurtok's iPhame rang. The screen showed it was a call from The White House. Trump was offering Chance Bono the ambassadorship to North Korea. Chance stared at the phone in disbelief. "How did you get this number?" he demanded. The President burbled away indignantly on the other end of the line. Chance hung up. The phone rang again, and again Chance answered. This time it was Chick Corea. He could tell by the trumpet blaring into the phone. "How did you get this number, man?" Chance asked Chick Corea laughed through the phone "Dude, I just looked it up on your facebook page." Chance responded "I didn't put my number on facebook!" Turns out Chance got hacked Chick froze for a moment, surprised at this information. Chance couldn't really tell why but Chick seemed a little suspicious now. I mean, how could he know Chick didn't hack him? Chance ran it through his mind. This time paying more attention to Chick's role in events. It started on August 9th, 2014. Chick said it was the Manson Family Murders anniversary. Suddenly, like the shock of a snowball to the face, Chance had the answer. He gazed in horror at the girl he had come to love. She was the murderer!



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She would have been long in the tooth as a girl if she was one of the murderers. The Manson Family Murders happened on August 9, 1969. It is possible that an unknown member of the killing crew was 13 or 14. The Family might have hid the younger member’s participation.  2014-1969=45 add that to 13=68

your girl is 68 years old.

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Chick Corea is Best Corea.

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