Did you ever think hey I'm free.I can think what I want.Write what I want. Imagine how much room is up there? What if everyone felt like that.Just being heard. A voice in the fugue yet followed by another voice and another voice, building to a crescendo. Soon you are not the only voice and you have created a society of others who feel the need to mingle at parties, work together, torture each other with artificial mental nonsense, and dine in cafeterias, in some of which some unincarnate voices form in the murmurous hubbub could be detected, but only if anyone was listening, which no one was. And so another productive day passed without anything getting done. The next morning, it started all over. This state of affairs might have gone on forever, had not the strains of the Rocky theme song sounded from outside. He was galvanized to the point of sitting up in bed & stretching his neck out the window to see the flying squirrel zooming over head and landing beside a moose. I was so excited that I leapt from my bed and walked for the first time in ages, I took 2 steps out the window and gravity reminded me why I was in a wheelchair. I plummeted to certain death when suddenly the flying squirrel caught me in midair and landed me In the forest where he and his family lived. I became a squirrel and have been happier ever since. I now fly and see things I couldn't see before. Humans are blind, dumb and deaf! As a flying squirrel I also move better than humans—mostly. Once while gathering food I was flying and averted my attention. I turned back and smacked into a tree, banging my nuts. The magic wearing off, i quickly reverted to human form, falling naked to the floor. And that your honour is how i came to be naked in the park at 1 in the afternoon!



1 Woab's photo

Excellent ending, Kobyjo.

2 TarotGuy's photo

Agreed. An excellent, laugh-out-loud ending!

3 LordVacuity's photo

I third the motion that that is a splendid end.

4 SlimWhitman's photo

Especially knowing the rest of the story.

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