To avoid getting nipped by the fuzz and ending up in the hoosegow I had to shimmy down a thingamajig and make like a schoenobatist. I'd absconded with a plethora of doohickeys and then decided to stop speaking like I was a character from clockwork orange and more like a rational human being. The items I had grabbed all went to waste as I was wasteful. I was a spendthrift. I was also the CEO. While my little workers slaved away, I spent and spent and spent. Their retirement funds, their 401k's, their office supplies hey I even spent on their girlfriends, wives, sisters while they were away sorting out other messes that I created elsewhere (them unbeknownst) , I was not fussy I was top - unsto Ppable to get the lines right. That is the problem being an actor. It is not for everyone. Rehearsals were going on up to ten hours. Technical details were just that, in reality. Today's technical details seemed to call for one of the crewmembers going postal & taking hostages on the wrong set. The SWAT actors got mixed up with the real SWAT team & got shot by a nearby film crew that thought they were shooting 'The New Match Game '77'. The drug lords were surprised when Charles Nelson Reilly burst through the door and told them to answer the following Match Game clue: Prison _______. "There's $5,000 in it for you if state the most popular answer!" Charles Nelson Reilly giggled. The drug lord said "Sentence?" Unfortunately, the drug lord picked Patti Deutsch to provide the match to “Prison _____.” Patti replied “ not fun,” so the drug lord lost the 5 grand. Gene Rayburn was hiding backstage and pandemonium ensued. The drug lord was apoplectic. Patti Deutsch exploded into a dwarf resembling Charles Nelson Riley. The moral: Dont eat tacos before bed.



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So, tacos while in bed is the preferred situation?

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I prefer not to comment.

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