She slithered across the grainy ash tray leaving her drool and spit behind. Had she not picked up the cigarette that first time after her boyfriend ripped her dreams away she still would have picked up the habit but would have smoked Winston Menthols, not the Marlboro Reds. By 31, her teeth were black and her skin resembled beefalo jerky. Her mother rejected her in public to show everyone that she did not give birth to her. "That never happened. I never gave birth to you. You should not exist. Please woman who claims to be my daughter, send me back to my own timeline, I'm not your mother. She might ha ve to dimension again, for 756B+ was her home. 756B was also her bra size, which was why she wanted to stay home, obviously. At home, no-one commented on her girth and lack of proportional bosom. She could stay in and eat 24 hours a day for 3 years until her waist size matched her bra size, but she gave up because her waist size grew from 20 to 25 while her bra size went from 756B to 999DDD. then she said to her self even if my bra size is 999ddd i know he will always come back for some more After all, I own the milk monopoly in the tri-county area! Moo-wahaha! Go now, my miniontaurs, go and knock over every cheese stand and yogurt stall you can find that's not ours! People liked the smell of frying cheese. That was the night that the world started to burn.



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Good end, moolala!

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P.S.: I’m jealous! I hardly ever find a final fold open.

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The toe jam story has been lingering on the first page now for weeks. You never found your way to that final fold. Don’t worry though. I took care of that for you.

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Naw, I had all ready written in that one.

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So you had. My bad.

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