People always tell you to be honest, but no one really is. It's all crap. If we were being honest, we'd all admit that this society sucks and we'd rather just relax. But, everyone lives within the comfortable lies that keep them going--be happy, earn enough money, buy what distracts you--but there is Truth beneath the Lie. Sam knew this, and he was ready to expose the global surveillance system. Big Brother had arrived long before 1984. It was a voluntary surrender of privacy. Sam had no internet, no mobile phone and no credit card. Since Sam wasn't on the grid he could observe how they took over. While everyone was plugged into the loud sounds and flashing lights, he saw the black vans arrive. Beautiful ermine emerged from the black vans and picked the pockets of everyone plugged into the disco grid. Sam scooted along the wall and into a van. Polystyrene beans and cherry Cream chocolates emerged first, to be photographed. Then came the pineapples, all six of them. They greeted everyone. The six of famous food items stood there as an entire assortment of different fruits and vegetables all walked out. The crowds cheered when the candies marched out, chanting, Sugarless maybe but never Right to Work." Even the gummy bears weren't immune to their unionizing fever. The extended a fig leaf towards the gummy NAID pain relievers. "Join us." The gummy bears found the fig leaf to be highly offensive, claiming that it symbolized the superiority of fructose as well as the censorship of all sexual characteristics. So they stormed out, too angry to realize that they had walked out into the open, where they were promptly scooped up by a hungry human and devoured.



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