Retired Inspector Lewis met his young friend at the Potato Bug Museum off Trafalgar Square. "I don't mean this snarkily, James, but should we call you Reverend Hathaway now?" James blushed. "I'll always be James, even when I'm Archbishop of Canterbury!" he said with heat. Ex Inspector Lewis was shocked by the potato bugs' massive size & morose demeanour. "Who do you think you are? You're massive enough to be Archbishop, but I won't stand for it!" Ex Health Inspector Lewis grappled with the potato bug. They slowly tumbled about, biting each other viciously. Ex Health Inspector Lewis got the potato bug into a sleeper hold. The potato bug kicked madly but couldn't extricate himself, there go my dreams of being the 2nd M in Summa Theologica it thought to itself. It knew all along that a potato bug couldn't be the 2nd M in Summa Theologica but to now face death really knowing it was never happ ening was more than what the poor potato bug could take. So the potato bug died of the dying with an impossible task undone. In the business, we call that "Probable Suspicion". Now my partner, Tad Worthington and I were examining the scene of the crime. There was a miniscule spot of blood splatter along the wall where the potato bug had met his demise. "I'm worried, Tad," I said, touching the tiny stain. "If reincarnation is true, this potato bug could well return as something else & seek revenge." Tad nodded. A large shadow Stood in front of us and said, "Doth thou speak ill of your latent thought of robbing the bank?" Tad remembered he had made a joke and apologised to the shadow. "Okay.", it replied "I guess I can take a joke." And with that the shadow shrank and Tad grew until he was a giant without a shadow. He missed it, as it was the only thing that ever followed him.



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Wow, great summation fold Woab! said Pinky the final fold wannabe.

2 lucielucie's photo

Previously in the potato bug saga…

3 pinky's photo

Thanks for that lucielucie…I think. Jeebers!

4 pinky's photo

for more on the mighty, mighty squid

5 lucielucie's photo

:) we would have nothing to write about if it weren’t for cephalopods.

6 Gibber's photo

If it weren’t for cephalopods, there would be ONLY A TORSO to write about.

7 pinky's photo

Well, we’ll always have the amazing potato bug!

8 lucielucie's photo

... and Det Manatee and farts.

9 BlastedHeath's photo

And manly grappling a la D. H. Lawrence.

10 BlastedHeath's photo

And wonderfully flat abs in Amber. Oh my goodness!

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Thank you BlastedHeath, I needed a really good chortle after a fairly dismal day.

13 somesuch's photo

I would think a good chortle is welcome anytime. I feel the same about a sensible chuckle.

14 pinky's photo

True, although I must admit to being a big fan of the mighty Guffaw!

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Oh, definitely. I also make generous use of the appreciative titter.

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