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In the meantime, Miss Twerthington is still sitting on the rock, covered with seasonings, wondering what the heck??!  On the other hand, who would want to eat Miss T, anyway? Cool that the cheese from Fold 2 reappeared in Aorta’s ending!

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Update: Those dishes did eventually get washed. However, the dishes I started on this morning are still waiting to get finished: I am, technically, still using 3 of that batch, so it should be considered still as an Ongoing Wash with freshups allowed.

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For full disclosure: a Godiva coffee mug, a saucer place, and a teaspoon. I am still on the same pot of coffee but I don’t that because the coffee pot has its own schedule and is an individual transaction each time.

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Some spider told me that Miss Twerthington was a spicy tamale, whatever that means.

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I asked the spider what that meant but since I don’t speak spider i didn’t understand it’s answer.

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I understand spicy. I’m Mexican-American, so I also understand tamale. So when the spider said it, that I understood. I just don’t know what spicy tamale means to a spider.

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Now I want a spicy tamale.

But wait, I do have some leftover chicken mole con arroz.


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Futique, when the little island of white and green mold floats upon the coffee, it’s time to wash the pot.

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I love Shabadu’s continuation in fold #3.

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And I also love LordVacuity’s footnotes to the story.

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