Dinner tonight began with an expedition to the Black Sea where I murdered you a fresh Calia filet. I've accompanied it with blowfish sashimi and a raw taro slaw. Enjoy! "Sounds delicious!" I exclaimed, and began to dig in ravenously. This would prove to be my downfall, as I died horribly not long after. My last words were, "Tell George that I have felt up his brother." Handing over this information turned out to be a bold move. As my heart had stopped beating due to the food George had served me, he punched me so hard that my heart started up again. He had saved my life! I was about to thank George when he did a hay maker to my head. "What you say about my BROTHER?" I would have to proceed carefully And not repeat everything the talking heads on the monkey business channel said. George stood there, with the tellie on. The monkey business channel talking heads hitting the deck. They were being overrun by their archenemy faction, The Monkey Around. Their beef went back to when Monkey Business was the Big Man On Campus in Silicon City. The Monkey Around has toured the Eastern bloc prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, leading them to be the most controversial rock band of the early 70s. The Monkey Around made bad decisions, like not providing The Party with the profits from their Soviet Asia Rocks! tour. This landed all four members of The Monkey Around in a workhouse, where they had to perform for free to a gulag full of Pussy Riot riot girls, most of them topless with antigovernment tattoos across their breasts. The performances required of The Monkey Around did not involve music. However, the performance of headliner band Chernobyl Chopsticks did involve music at a cosmic level. When they got in the groove, they were all in the zone, and everything moved.



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