Up for auction... lot 31... mason jar full of human teeth. What am I bid? The crowd of bidders almost lost interest, but an auction model then tapped the glass jar's cover, & the sets of human teeth within began clacking away. That got their attention! "They have sleep apnea!", Mr. Blue said. He bid £2000. Mr. Green bid £2100. And so it made for an exciting evening. No one there slept that night after the teeth spoke to them so Sleep! Why would I need any sleep? I can actually rest with my eyes wide open. "You're just jealous because your eyes are painted on and can't close!" snarked a baby doll, who had eyelids painted on the backs of her eyeballs and real ferret fur eyelashes. Those poor ferrets, thought little Susie sadly. Susie was unaware of the dolls' discussion, but she began to seriously doubt the doll-maker's decision to use real fur. The ferret stoled Dolls interests were superficial.They wanted the life plastic to be "fantastic". Susie's mom had diamond earrings which the dolls stole. Meanwhile nude ferrets were attacking the school children. Luckily they fended them off with their school issued automatic pistols and hand grenades. These feisty kids reguralry attended Ms. Brown's assertiveness class, & wouldn't be easy prey. Bobby armed the RPG-7 & aimed down the hallway, where the old pervs were congregated. The rocket exploded in their midst and none of the old pervs had time to stash their few pages of the Sears Catelog lingerie section before they died with their business out.



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