The manager wanted to take it one higher, and convinced Newt to appear as Mr. Newton McGrinch for the Xmas show. Comedy & Calamity was preprogrammed when Robin Williams heckled himself hyper-stupid. Whacky fluid build up caused Robin Williams' neck to swell like a rubbery mumu and it merged with Newt Gengrich's overabundant forehead flesh creating something godawful that nobody outside of the Grand Ol' Opry would ever wish to see. But see it we did and it has haunted us now for going on 4 generations. On the other hand, had we not been exposed to it, we might not have developed our passion for patchwork dresses and Jeb Hats, which made quite a penny for the local seamstresses. But fads pass, and what once was old becomes new again. That was the sales pitch for the new fashion line Amish Revelation. It bombed with it's target audience, Plain Folk, but was a smash with New H an Solo fans, who appreciated the clothing line's 'rustic yet ill fitting' charm. Even the least popular item, a spandex Han face mask, sold for over 20 rupees. Gregory decided tha T, circa 2016, spandex masks were damaging to morale. Unless you were on the front line and were injured. That happened a lot less than before the nukes were created. Touch wood! The grubs of progress and adventure woke you each morning to get get you into the battle of existing....sometimes that bitch just was out to kill you. Other times, the grubs just wanted to gnaw on your brains make you docile and easy pickings for the moles living under my house. This is the very reason I breed grubs & moles, after all. Then I'll harvest your liver for the pate' I'm making for Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays!



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Six Christmases later…  ‘What once was old is new again.”

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Hope you’re having a good one, Prof!

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