There was once a ghost. The ghost's name was Dennis. This ghost was highly curious, living in his barrel on the sidewalk. One day he saw a fedora-wearing squirrel and decided to intervene. "Mortal squirrel, you give your life to fashion, yet you wear a fedora," said Dennis the Ghost of Fashion Past. He showed her the 1910's, when fedoras were spittoons and leg-o-mutton sleeves were really legs of mutton. "And this," continued Dennis the Ghost of Fashion Past to Fedora Squirrel, "was a most elegant age. The Roaring 20s. No flapper with any self respect smoked the chinaman's pipe. Dennis the Ghost of Fashion Past visited Al Roker. All that's old is new again. That adage is so true! Hence current trends are diverse and reflect the demise of the one size fits all mindset of the past. Except that one size fits all doesn't apply in this presence. Because people have grown larger than anyone ever imagined due to the hijack of those strangers of the Epicurus school who are contented with a cheese knife. Comfort caused these felons to expand, manifest of an aura. That's what Cecil claimed, being quite capable of expanding and manifesting auras himself, due to his deep love of cheese. Like the other gourmand felons, Cecil would stop at nothing to ensure his next bite of his beautiful, flavorful cheese. Nothing. He had to get more cheese. He summoned the power of the cheese god and, with the cheese god's help, became a minor deity of cheese. He kept his tiny realm a going concern until the Big Curd Revolution put his head on a fondue fork &converted his cheeses into processed cheese emulate. It was much cheaper that way.



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It was much cheesier that whey.

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Cheese Woab, will ya stop with the brain curdling puns!

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