A woman beacame sick and when she felt her end was drawing near, she called her only child to her bedside. "Mister Wiggles," the dying woman rasped, "please fetch the newspaper for me." Her faithful German Shepherd Dog barked eagerly and dashed out to the front garden to grab it. After only a few seconds newspaper was in her hands. Delighted about it she smiled and started reading her newspaper. It was one of the very little pleasures she could still have using her real hands and eyes. Every other part of her was a reClone. She was one of the last people alive that still had original flesh parts. She was expected to be the last one. When she died, if anybody remembered, it would be because the first person cloned after would then be the first one of a new generation without Original Flesh Parts. A footnote is what she would become. Good for her, most of us don't become footnotes; with or without original flesh parts. Clones of her never shared her love of her original flesh & that made her sad. Some think it broke her heart and that is what killed her. I knew her pretty well and I can tell you she didn't have a kind bone in her body. I don't believe she had a hea d, unless you count the monstrosity on her neck. Details leaked out; her beau got cured of his blindness, took one look at her & lost his speech. Devastated, she tried to beautify the monstrosity so it was presentable, but her newly sighted beau said, "I'm sorry, but biological horror is just one of my turnoffs. Couldn't they remove that? O vicious light!" She sighed and turned out the lights. With her deformity now out of sight, they entered a night of a thousand delights, and lo, in the morning the flaw was no more.



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Shabadu inadvertently brought closure to the death scene introduced at the beginning.

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Love makes the resighted blind.

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“O vicious light!”

love it.

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