What ever happened to Ms. Inatick, the clever cricket-loving Australian lass who is so fond of personifying inanimate objects? Mr. Spatula, what have done to our friend? He stated flatly, eschewing punctuation as though in a deliberate attempt to confuse the recipient of his diatribe - the Kelvomatic 3000 bank teller terminal that just winked like a drunk carnie on pay day. The Kelvomatic 3000 bank teller was "on one" said Kevin the local weed dude at the end of the block as the Teller marched up to the hottest chick in line. The chick hopped into her Kleptomatic 3000, and she and the Kelvomatic 3000 bank teller did battle. She deflected a safe out the window that crushed potted-up Kevin and Kevin was now a smear on the road and the chick in her Kleptomatic 3000 used toe sad moment to leap off the overpass landing deftly on the back of a giant gundam headed for Spain but who was willing to take her for a short stop in Havana. The gundam went into his suspension mode outside her hotel along the sea wall. Keven never crossed her mind more than a -ny other of her previous boyfriends. "Keven who?" she chortled to herself as she lit a Cuban cigar and stared out at the sea. The gundam outside was beginning to rust in the salty waves. "You know, Old Keven? The alien who tried to destroy our planet about 7 times before?". "Ah yes, Keven." she sighed as her cigar was drenched in an oncoming wave. The gundam known as Bakelite Billy offered Cigar Lady Gundam a dry cigar from one of his aux compartments. "Yeah, Poor Old Keven, would-be planet wrecker. His persistence is almost that of William Jennings Bryan, who was the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for President 3 times.” The listeners looked down, shaking their heads. The final fold had been ruined.



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@Tarotguy—Hahaha! November is so very very far away.

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... but it’s revving like a Mac truck can be heard in the distance already.
Great stories guys & gals. I’ve been away, and they put me in a good mood.

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