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I don’t care what you all say. I’m eating the pounds of shrimp my sister gave me for my birthday. If I’m not back in 3 hours, send help.

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And by help, I mean cocktail sauce.

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LV, homie, by all means accept my slightly belated but heartfelt congrats on your birthday, and my best wishes. May it usher in another year of top-notch folds. And you must be in great shape, if you can afford to put on several shrimp pounds in a matter of hours, with sauce on top of it.

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LV’s birthday was February 22, that’s why he’s worried about the state of his shrimp. Mine was this week! I had a carryout Mex meal complete with takeout Margarita. It was great!

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You should have told us it was your birthday, Woab; we could have had a cyberspace celebration.  Anyway, Happy Birthday in quarantine.

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I always suspected I had a birth day. Never bought the emerging from my father’s head story. Sounded too Minervan. I never would have suspected it was February 22 though. They didn’t have those around when I would have been presumably born. Back then the days were so few that they still had their own names. I also thought that if I had to be born, I would have liked to be have been born on Clive Smidgeon’s Day.

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Clive Smidgeon might have a different view on the matter.



I’m just saying.

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Thank you, Jimbeau and Clive. (Weren’t they gangsters or something?) It would be cool if this site had a chat room or forum.

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We do have the cumbersome Message system. But that requires each party be following the other. Plus it would be limited to just the two.

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We could probably incorporate something like Google Groups. Looking at the bottom of this page, I guess we could use Facebook or Twitter some how.

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I joined the Folding Story Facebook page a while back but usually just favorite stories wind up there. It would be a good excuse for some banter.

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BTW, I did a reading of this story just now:

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Noice, Kiefer. Is that how you really sound?

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Yep. That’s my voice, echo, sniffles and all. :)

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Dude, you should totally do audio books.

16 KieferSkunk's photo

Thanks. :)  I don’t really have the endurance, though - my voice fails pretty quick (throat clogs up, etc.), and more to the point, I don’t have the time. My wife does audiobooks periodically, though. :)

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Look at you two complementing each other :) !

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