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I guess that the Ontyx were going to make root beer floats.

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But HOW did you guess Woab? Its gotta be that weird fs post cognizance or pre-post post sentience or whatever we decided to call it. Pre (post?)dicting…you’re good at it! H-bomb - brilliant! Narf!

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Holy cats (excuse the expression, Pinky) I just noticed that I wrote ‘Root Beet’ instead of ‘Root Beer’!

I like your term “Post-dicting!

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Woab has the power of the bunny. Post-dicting is her specialty. That will be one ice cream cone per session.

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Squeeek! There are cats?! And these cats are holy? Knarf! I don’t want to disrespect your spirituality Woab…but I’m conflicted! Squeeknarf…squeeknarf…hiccup!

Oh and ...strange…I READ root “beet” and thought “it’s a social commentary about how the future people rejected the evil corn (hi fructose corn syrup, corn clothing, corn fuel, corn cell phones). In the enlightened future the beet is the new king. Even the root beer is beet root. Woab is so funny!”

I didn’t really think that. Typo I thought. But it could’ve happened the way I said, right? That would make you Woab the funny post-dicting power bunny. I’m very tired I need a long nap, knarf!

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