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The 12 step program became 36.

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Steps inflation started here:

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23) Say “Huh, turns out I was wrong on that one.”
35) Say “You’re right, you’re right, I can’t believe I ever thought you were wrong. I was incorrect. My fault. My bad. Oops.”

I think I’ll do a loop of #29 and #33 today.

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Chaz and I are the definitive losers in the Eternal Sequential Enumeration Contest :(

My excuse is that I don’t acknowledge prime numbers.

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Ignore 35! Ignorant bliss! :)

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Sequential Enumeration is just so ... predictable.

Cheers to the unpredictable!

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We love a 36 step program with optional prime numbers in these here parts.

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We love lists - plain and simple.
Look at the all time top stories if you don’t believe me.

9 lucielucie's photo short.wav

The last half of this story - just me laughing really.

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