I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I thought it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again. I looked up at it and suddenly it shattered. I had never felt so ugly in my life time. Even the mirror couldn't stand my reflection. I felt as if it was knocking just for me. I'd never seen or heard a mirror knock before ... or since for that matter. I felt a surge of gratitude break through the despair. I must fix it! I collected the silvery shards and placed them on the table. I began putting the mirror back together (upside down of course!) so I could glue it together and restore it's magic. Each piece put in place sent a shock thru my fingers. It was like touching a live wire. Once I dropped the final piece in place the magical mirror glowed brightly. A deep baritone voice from within it sang, "I am that which you seek by way of reflection. So you must look within and find us both. Nowwwww." So I looked within myself, but all I found was another me. I had hoped for something better. However, me was all I got. Same old Walmart clearance shirt and everything. So all I dressed myself down for dressing the way I did. "Look at me," I admonished myself in the mirror of my mind while looking into a real mirror as well. "What am I looking at," I asked myself angrily. “You want a piece of me,”I confronted myself. I never saw it coming. I punched myself in the mouth. Knocked myself out. I awoke unsure of which me won. I’ve got to admit, though, that fight made me respect my selves even more. I and me became friendly rivals. Then one day everything got TOO friendly when some guy said, “Go f*ck yourself.”



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Alla us through the looking glass.

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