"I sell laughs." He said matter a factly. "You're a comedian?" I asked. He grimaced. "Humor isn't a language people understand. I just sell laughs. You want a sample? Put these on your head for just a moment," said the funny guy in the clown suit. "No thanks, mister, I'd like to keep my sanity," I said, eying him warily. Why was he hovering so close to the pork rinds? The funny guy in the clown suit said, "I bet you're wondering why I'm wearing a clown suit?" It did come to my mind, but before I could inquire he yelled, "It is the only suit I have!" He then threw a pie in my face. "Mr. Flim-Flam," I said, "We are recruiting a more Sophisticated design of mouse trap. It will be a huge best seller on Amazon.". Guess who was the first visitor to the mouse motel? You won't believe it but the mouse motel provided the state of the art in rodent amenities. From running wheels to behavioral blind studies, Mouse Motel is ready to see to all your needs. We're also available for private sessions. Wink wink. Psst. Ask for "Mortimer" at the bar. He'll slip you a hamster that'll make you see music and hear colors. The Mouse Motel is the place to be for the discerning user, and the hors d'oeuvre are free after 3pm, so come on in, Mousies. Wednesday night is ladies night, all drinks free for female mice. Thursday is open mic night. The Mouse Motel is the Place to Be for Mice who go Squee!" Marge Mouse managed to finish the radio spot with an upbeat tone, but she was collapsing inside. Mouse Motel would probably not survive the eco -logical devastation being wreaked across mousedom by the scourge of the Round-Up Challenge. Human young were dousing Mouse Motels in Round-Up and setting them on fire for Tik Tok.



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“They know not what they do.”

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Fine ending, Col.!

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