After many years in the outback, a lone dingo made his way to Kyoto, Japan. He joined Nakamura Yoshio's canine yakuza gang. Through hard work and determination,he steadily rose up in the ranks to become a top dog. He was leading his horse right into a giant blender in an attempt to paint the town red as they say. But with the canine yakuza gang was covered in horse viscera, blood lust set in and this top dog Was black and white all over with a long tail. He won first prize at the Mutt Show and beat a grey and black labradoodle named Chester. The rest, as they say, is history. What isn't known, or wildly known, outside of the few feline friends he told after the fact, was the truth. It was a truth, he thought, no one can know. And so it proved. Even he forgot he knew the truth. The lie he told them became the "truth" but only he could see the quotation marks but he didn't know why anymore. The cats kept prowling through the shadows in the corners of his mind. If he tried to delve into his subconscious, searching for his truest truth, the shadow cats would hiss a feral warning. If he tried to think up a lie, the shadow cats would scrape the ground with their claws, as if to cover their shadow feline feces. He had no choice but to walk calmly by them as the cats lifted up their paws in anticipation of a miscalculated thought. He tried to make his mind blank - empty. Whenever a thought tried to make itself known he would banish it, but it was difficult. The mind was designed to think. It must process the most rudimentary functions. The cats batted their paws at him, all over his face, until he was overcome.



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A cat ate your dingo.

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