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Fact was that God was tired of old nuns.

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What a story

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Amazing this came out of a corny pun xD continue to charm everybody O’ poetic story tellers B)

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I would have loved A Nun’s Out Clause starring Hayley Mills or Lindsey Lohan.

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I was wondering what it was that they saw in Jim that let them know he was the champion they had been looking for.

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BTW, “in tally olde…” was me trying to work out the lyrics of a song I was listening to in some language I don’t speak while I was folding it. It might have been Finnish.

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Finnish is s unique sounding language. I really like listening to it. One day maybe I will add it to my collections of languages.

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Mitkä kielet olet kerännyt tähän mennessä?

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I English and, French, fluently and I am studying Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Interior Salish. The last one is super cool to speak as well as read since it is done purely in the Americanist phonetic alphabet. It has things like glottals and pharyngeals. When I was little I spoke Turkish as I lived there for 4 years. That’s cool to write out as it ends up being one giant conjugated word.

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