IT'S TIME TO PLAY FAMILY FEUD!!!! Name something grandpa would do if grandma tells him she's pregnant. "Have a stroke! :)" "Have a stroke!" Is it up there? Survey says DING! 39 for the number 1 answer! "Play!" Snorgapp family, name something grampa'd do if gramma says she's pregnant and drunk. The Snorgapp family started to answer but then someone in the audience yelled, "Long live the Deer in Edinburgh!" An assailant with a top hat leaped onto the stage. "Three years from now, the Deer will be local heroes. No more fake comfort and joy." Mr. Snorgapp said "You should run for Prime Minister!" A Deer then entered the room, wearing a rather large pair of pants and smiled gamely at the others. The other animals looked at the Deer, and groaned in unison. Daniella was off key, of course. Tone deafness is the main reason that you don't see turtles writing something like Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. All attention was on Bambi in jeans. Bambi was fine! She shimmied out of her tight jeans as the men hooted & whistled. How Bambi could tease! “Hey, you bucks, give me YOUR bucks and I’ll show you more!” The men pulled at their earlobes, not sure how to break the news. "We're flat out broke," one of the men finally said. Bambi blushed a deep fawn color, pulled her jeans back up:"Don't tell my Mom that I gave you a freebie," Bambi said, "I'm the only one in our family that can bring in any money any more." The men felt bad not be able to pay, so they decided to rob a grocery store on behalf of their dear deer. "Okay. Gun, ski masks, cash sack," the leader said. "Check, check and check!" said his accomplice. "I want it in cash!" Bambi yelled after them.



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I sense a sequel coming on.

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Great final line, bunnycookies! I guess they averted another family feud.

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