I thought our love would last forever...Instead I got what felt like the reality check of the century I was met with an untimely end, run over by a truck on the busy streets of Taipei. I thought even in death I would feel love for you, but all my emotions had disappeared. So there I was, dead, with no emotions, and I thought "well now what?" After visiting with an afterlife counselor I decided to have a go at haunting specialist. I wasn't much while I was living, I scraped latrines for 27 years and didn't get much out of it. I thought I would be something better in this new life, but somehow found myself selling urinal deodoriser blocks, also known as urinal cakes on the Home Shopping Network. My past experience didn't really help increase sales but I tried to work in the finer points of my Navy Seal training whenever possible anyways. One time, an albino from Arkansas was perusing my suitcase of cakes on a sunny afternoon, and l squirted green food coloring all over his sorry unpigmented arse. "That's what you get for stealing my cakebox, Greenie!" I smirked. But instead of angering, Albert the albino displayed his passions rising in the form of a giant, and I mean GIANT, erection that ripped free of his dungarees and boomeranged around the lamp post to end up an inch from my Flaring nostrils. I held my gaze firmly with the throbbing manservant and proposed breaking into the bank vaults via the sewers and splitting the dough. The member replied "Do I l- go with you?" I didn't answer, but grabbed the member & tugged...& the rest, as they say, is history. Me & my member are kicking back, enjoying the good life now. Come what may.



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Just when you think your life is over…

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I have no idea how to feel about this.

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Nobody does. We just grin and bear it.

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