In the morning,my elder brother came to woke me up from my bed .when,he entered my room,he saw me snoring loudly,so he bought a packet of pepper and he blowed it in to my nostrils but because of my amazing boogers, the pepper was blocked from entering my nose. And I slept like a baby. My brother was angry. Then he got a bucket of water. He was going to wake me by setting the bedroom temperature well below 0 and throwing the water towards my sleeping face, causing an ice block to form. What my mean brother had not counted on, however, were his toes, meaning he'd only ever counted as high as ten. Filling the container with H20 for only ten secs meant that my bro's block of ice was kind of small, and hit me kind of softly in my left big toe, but it still fell off. Great, now I can only count to 9. I scooped up my toe and shoved it in my fountain drink, hoping it would keep, I had a score to keep, and by golly, I wasn't going to let the golfers break my line of sight simply because I was missing a toe. Carefully making my way around the back of the only remaining golf cart, I placed a grape in my golf shoe, with hopes it would convince the others that I still had all ten toes. Being easily fooled, they waved me through, but when I raised my foot to tie my shoes, the grape squished itself into a fine wine, permeating through the shoe to make for a very aromatic night to go running. Never mind that I only had 9 toes. Which is why one grape remained unsquished. Helping the fermentation process is toe fungus, a key ingredient in all wines for centuries. Whereas beer uses yeast, sommeliers love using toe joe, as it's known in the wine world. That is what the Doors are going on about when Morrison keeps singing "musty toe joe rising/ got to keep on rising/ …" on LA Woman.



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sounds more like he’s saying Mister Mojo rising but that is because he was dead at the time and couldn’t get the words uttered right. But he is really saying, musty toe joe rising.

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