I Don't Know do you know who I am? please help me. He want to but he didn't know who man was. I'm sorry he said I don't, the man well do you at least know where I am? Will your... As he turn and start walking, he felt two firm hands around his throat. Get in the car, the man said. A van with tinted windows pulled up, smoke rolled out of the car. As he... was being shoved into the back of the van by the gangstas he thought back to his martial arts training. He could hear the guru's voice in his head "Geoffrey," It said "Rember CJ, all you have to do is follow the goddamn train". I meditated on Big Smoke's words as they rattled around in my brain like the pool balls at the club down on Grove Street. I was back in Los Santos - and I had thought that it would be a cake walk - but things were worse than ever. I revved my bike and kept going. I'd fuck up the Vagos if it was the last thing I'd do. Turns out it was the last thing I did, because shortly thereafter, I crashed my bike into the back of a Greyhound bus. My mad ghost now haunts that bus, and I am more rather depressed at the fact that I am dead. I wish i could see my family. The ghost of an Arcturian Spider Crystal tried to lift my spirits. "You'll see your family soon. But now you're at the afterlife party with all us sprouts from all over the Cosmos! But instead of lifting my spirits, which it couldn't have done anyway, since I was dead; it made me pathetic because now I had to explain to my triplet bother, Fousco, the infield situation. "Look, Fousco," I stammered through the glass darkly. "Try to understand..." Fousco tilted his head. It was almost as if he heard me. He turned away & I faded into nada.



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