mayday mayday mayday Lary shook his head in pity. "It's okay, Richard. You're gonna be okay. You've had too much beer. Get down from there and sit down. You're gonna kill yourself, you hear?" But this was exactly Richard's intention. "You're such an idiot, Lary!" he called out from his high perch. "I know it," replied Lary. "If you get down from there, maybe you could be over here." Lary had a way with words. This is what made Richard so angry all the time. Richard hated the way Lary used fancy words. Like instead of Ketchup, Lary said Catsup Instead of jewellery, Lary said jewelry. Not only did Richard hate Lary's diction, he hated how Lary spelled his name. The day Lary said the milk was spoilt instead of spoiled was the last straw. Richard hefted his unabridged Oxford Dictionary of the English Language and using all his might he beaned Lary upside his spelling impaired head! The downside, though, was that Richard was throwing away his chance as the new band director. He knew it and did what was right anyway. Lary is now simply impaired & paralyzed from his toes on down. Yes, Lary's soles feel nothing, and his music suffers for it. "Your music has no sole," Richard scolds him, but he doesn't care, as long as he hits all the notes. Lary’s thoughts go back to when Leonard Bernstein made a like comment about his lack of sole. Or was it “soul”? Whatever. Lary decides to exit the music world altogether and enter went back to his first love, Set Design. Lary did well building sets for TV shows like, McKeever and The Colonel, and movies, Frankenhooker and The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini.



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I think Frankenhooker had a sequel.

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